Producer – Domingos Alves de Sousa

Quinta da Tapadinha is assumed has the most serious new bet of Alves de Sousa in the Douro region, with the best arguments and recognized the enormous potential of their grapes: 12 Hectares of vines evaluated as let-ter A, the best rating assigned for the production of Port Wine, located straight in the “heart” of the Douro region, very close to the small village of Pinhão, with a natural instinct for producing excellent wines, a great historic past, and an amazing past for great Port Wines and now for great wines of the Douro. This is the scenario of Quinta da Tapadinha, which has the name implies this terraces are almost hidden behind a hillside that extends until the Douro river. The Touriga Franca is the grape variety that has more expression in quan-tity and here this variety can get is best quality and best maturation expressions.


Climate: Tempering — Mediterranic
Soil: Granitic-Xistus rock, light acid and poor in nutrients
Grape Varieties: 50% Touriga Franca(20 years), 50% Old Vineyards (70 years, with more then 20 different gra-pes)
Production: 2.500 bottles
Winemaking: Fermented with long maceration at controlled temperature for 8 days, 8 days of post-fermentation maceration, both between 18 and 22ºC.
Aging: Aged 12 months in new French oak barrels, 6 moths in cellar stage before releasing to the consumer.
Bottling: 2009
Alchoolic Contain: 15,0 % ALC. By VOL.


Colour: Deep Ruby, almost opaque.
Aroma: Very expressive aromatically with notes of ripe cherries, roasting and thin dark chocolate and a spicy freshness, recalling with peppemint some dark chocolate .
Taste: Powerful mouth, dense, but always very elegant and engaging, with coffee, lots of fruit and a structure that gives rise to a long life.
Final Taste: Intense, long and persistent.


– PUBLICO (FUGAS) 26/12/2009 Points 8.5 /10

– 17.5 Points REVISTA DE VINHOS November 2009


Temperature of Consumption: Serve between 16º and 17ºC.
Gastronomic Advices: Steamed chicken or grilled pork.
Cellar Advices: It can be drunk now or in the next 10 years, since stored horizontally in a cool and dark place.


Bordeaux bottle EAN code 560 5063 512078
Box of six bottles ITF code


  • Tapadinha DOC Douro Red Wine 2008